Ceremony frontman Ross Farrar and drummer Jake Casarotti are now both playing in a new band called Spice, alongside bassist Cody Sullivan (Sabertooth Zombie, No Sir), guitarist Ian Simpson (Creative Adult, No Sir), and violinist Victoria Skudlarek. Their upcoming self-titled debut LP was produced by Sam Pura (Basement, Self Defense Family, etc), and it comes out July 17 via Dais Records. The band says:

In the beginning, we were very conscious of what the shape of the record was going to be: short (thirty minutes or less), variation (a mix of short and longer songs), emotional, but not gushing, powerful, but not overt. We wanted there to be a single thread that connected everything, continuity, a sense that the record was one complete organism.” They continue “To authentically express pain can be difficult. It comes towards us every day in some shape or another, and parsing out which side to expel can prove arduous. With that, choosing what to hold that pain in, how to package it can also be hard. Then besets the question of form. In the adverse, too much sentimentality can soften form, yet too much pain – well - a good balance is due. At the onset of any artistic endeavor there is a (conscious or unconscious) search for form. Form is the vehicle’s engine, it lies beneath everything, a scaffold for content, where content stays.

First single "First Feeling" is on a lighter indie rock/post-punk side that Ceremony has sometimes hinted at, but this is overall a pretty different-sounding thing than you usually hear Ross sing over. Listen below.

1. First Feeling
2. All My Best Shit
3. Murder
4. Reward Trip
5. 26 Dogs
6. VO the Night
7. Black Car
8. The Building Was Gone
9. I Don’t Wanna Die in New York

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