Chad VanGaalen

I'm a little late to the game on this one if you consider that Chad VanGaalen's album has been out for almost a year. On the other hand, Infiniheart has gotten very little press and is not even available at your finer indie establishments.

If you consider yourself old school Chad, you may skip to the next post now. Everyone else may continue reading along.

Copy and Pasted for your reading pleasure:

'For 10 years Chad has been producing work in his bedroom, playing all the instruments, and has amassed hundreds of songs. Catch & Release / Flemish Eye has compiled 19 of these - including three new ones - as Chad's first CD release proper: Infiniheart.

Strains of The Flaming Lips, Neil Young, Modest Mouse and Beck run through this record, but these beautifully crafted songs really transcend any comparison; defined by a unique vision and lifted by Chad's incandescent vocals, these songs are moving, heartfelt, and strangely danceable.'

Enough Small Talk. Download:

Traffic (mp3)


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