Former Chainsaw Kittens and Defenestration frontman Tyson Meade's solo album Robbing The Nuclear Family, which came out last year in a limited pressing, is getting re-released on March 22 via Shaking Shanghai. The record features appearances by Camper Van Beethoven's David Immerglück and The Flaming Lips' Matt Duckworth, and the new single is the strident, artpunk/glam number "P.S. Nuclear Forest Dance Boogie" that also opens the album. "After I'd finished writing ‘P.S.', I realized its open-ended abstract qualities could be interpreted in several ways. One of those ways is how politically, environmentally, and nonsensically our world is spinning out of control to the point of our mass extinction," Tyson tells us about the song, and the concept for the video, which premieres in this post. "The optimist in me has faith in the young. The youngsters in this video I look to be the leaders of tomorrow. All of them are looking for the answers but are trapped in today's Theatre of the Absurd." Watch the video below.

Tyson has a few live shows scheduled, including one in NYC on March 6 at The Red Room at KGB where he'll play a career-spanning solo set. That show is free with a two drink minimum. He'll also be in Austin next month for SXSW. All dates are listed below.


1. P.S. Nuclear Forest Dance Boogie
2. He’s The Candy
3. Tentatively Ahmed
4. Confused 22
5. Tiniest Of Guy’s (Troy’s Theme)
6. Grandsons Of The Empire
7. Afternoon After Practice
8. Daphne Come Out
9. Motorcycle Boy #3
10. Candy Canes And Moonbeams

Tyson Meade - 2019 Tour Dates
March 6th - The Red Room at KGB - NYC
March 10th - The Pines - Mt Tremper, NY
March 17th (SXSW) - Beerland, Austin TX

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