Chairlift announced their breakup and will be completely done following their upcoming farewell tour. Singer Caroline Polachek has just released an instrumental ambient album, titled Drawing The Target Around The Arrow and released under her initials, CEP. She’s offered up as a free download. She talked with The Creative Independent about the album:

I found a very simple sine wave plug-in and started using that as a writing tool for the Ramona Lisa album. When I started playing with phasing, with phasing one note against each other, it was like, “Oh my god, I just want to mute everything else and just listen to this.”
Once in awhile, when I needed an ear break from working on whatever I was working on, I’d start a new session to play around with just the sine waves, and would save it. At first, I did it just for myself. I didn’t even take it very seriously. I thought, “This is cool. I want to listen to this.” Once I started accumulating enough of them to listen to a series of them, I realized, “Wait a minute, this is essentially what I want to listen to a lot of the time.”

Polacheck is also working on another CEP record which is vocal record she’s making with a 12-piece choral ensemble. She’ll be debuting music from that at two shows at National Sawdust on February 23 & 24 Tickets are on sale now. Read more about that, and more, at The Creative Independent.

Chairlift‘s farewell tour wraps up at soon-to-open Brooklyn Steel on April 22 (tickets).