Japanese band CHAI have been on tour with Mitski and had their trailer stolen during the Austin stop over the weekend. It contained all of the band's merch, as well as costumes, personal items and more. Here's more info:

At 3:57am in Austin, Chai’s trailer was stolen. A silver Nissan Pathfinder was seen rolling up and taking the trailer. They were parked under a bright light in a multi hotel complex with many cameras. Extremely brazen thieves.

Lots of equipment was stored in the van cargo hold so they can continue with opening the Mitski show.

However, the trailer had wardrobe, office equip, GoPro, persona items, and ALL THE MERCH is gone. Anyone who knows how it is to be an opening band knows that that’s how you make all your money. They are distraught.

The police said all the traffic cams in the area were turned off and they cannot make out the license plate of the vehicle that stole it, so there is no hope in getting it back.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help CHAI recoup some of their losses. Meanwhile their tour with Mitski rolls on, and they play Phoenix tonight (2/28).

CHAI played a headline show in Brooklyn earlier this month; Mitski's tour hits NYC on March 24 at Radio City Music Hall with MICHELLE opening (sold out).

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