Last year, Nashville's Chamber signed to Pure Noise and put out the Ripping / Pulling / Tearing compilation, which featured all the songs from their previous two EPs and the new song "Replacing Every Weakness." The comp made for a great primer for this band's late '90s style mathy metalcore, and the new song made us very optimistic about what the band would do next.

Today, they've announced their first full-length album, Cost of Sacrifice, due October 23 via Pure Noise, and its first two singles make good on the promise of the songs on that comp. "Scars In Complex Patterns" is especially tech-y, mind-melting stuff that sounds like Botch, Converge, and the first Slipknot album in a blender, and "In Cleansing Fire" is a chugging, bludgeoning attack that would've definitely opened up the pit on Chamber's tour with The Acacia Strain, Rotting Out, Creeping Death, and Fuming Mouth had the pandemic not cut that run short. Both songs are very promising tastes of this record, and you can hear both below. The album was produced by Randy LeBoeuf (The Acacia Strain, Every Time I Die, etc).

Guitarist Gabe Manuel says, "We were all going through our own personal struggles and we found solace in working on these songs and getting everything we were feeling out on the table. We are all influenced by a lot of different kinds of music and art, and while it was a challenge to represent all of those things on the record in a cohesive way, we grew as songwriters and musicians as a result of that challenge."

On the just-released "In Cleansing Fire," he added, "This song is an analysis of the ways that the hateful and racist ideals this country was founded on still impact us today. The lyrics are a rejection of the argument that we aren't responsible for the crimes of our ancestors, and they highlight the hopeless feeling that a lot of people in this country have which gets in the way of real progress. Your voice matters, and if you don't use it to stand against racial injustice, police brutality and corruption, you are complicit in allowing those things to persist."

Earlier this year, Chamber ousted guitarist Mike Moynihan following an allegation of sexual assault made against him. "After reaching out and speaking to the victim we decided that Mike could no longer be a member of Chamber," they wrote. "We stand firmly in support of victims."

1. Fracture
2. Scars in Complex Patterns
3. Paranoia Bleeds
4. Visions of Hostility
5. Impulse
6. In Cleansing Fire
7. Numb (Transfuse)
8. The Edge of Every Lie
9. Disassemble Reassemble
10. Cost of Sacrifice


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