Nashville's Chamber have quickly become one of the brightest new voices in metalcore, and our anticipation for their first full-length album Cost of Sacrifice -- which finally arrives next week (10/23) via Pure Noise (pre-order) -- just rises with each new single. "Numb (Transfuse)," which premieres in this post along with a video, is no exception.

"We finished writing Numb (Transfuse) pretty last minute in the studio," guitarist Gabe Manuel tells us. "We had all the individual parts written already, but [producer] Randy LeBoeuf helped us bring the general arrangement of the song together. Lyrically, this song is a pretty vivid summary of the similar things that every member of the band was going through at the time, and it’s one of my favorites on the record."

Like the previous singles, "Numb (Transfuse)" taps into the chaotic sounds of '90s mathcore, the more accessible sounds of early 2000s metalcore, and maybe even a little nu metal freakishness, but it doesn't feel retro. It embraces the more timeless elements of those genres and eschews the more outdated ones, and it sounds new and exciting in the year 2020. The black-and-white video is just as hypnotic and disorienting as the song itself. Check it out below.


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