Last year, post-hardcore/alt-country/indie rock vets Chamberlain (fka Split Lip) released their first new song in nine years, "Some Other Sky," and said it would appear on their upcoming album Red Weather, which is being produced by My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Broemel and which will be their first full-length in nearly 20 years. However, financial struggles have been getting in the way, and the band needs your help. They launched a Kickstarter campaign for the album, which they say "is essentially a pre-order for the album." It reads in part:

We’ve since been back to Tennessee this summer to record again, and have laid down the bulk of the basic tracks. Some of those works-in-progress can be heard in our Kickstarter promo video above.

We truly feel that after all these years we’re better and wiser musicians than ever before. We’ve written a bunch of material, and couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you!


Making music is a joy, but putting out records is a lot of work. And it requires overhead expenses we simply don’t have.

Just some of those costs include; travel expenses, studio costs, mixing, mastering, production, artwork, publicity, and distribution.

We’ve set our monetary goal at a bare minimum of what we’ve budgeted for recording and production. If we’re lucky enough to exceed our goal, we can do things like BE A BAND — create more content, videos, play more shows, etc, etc...

Admittedly most of us were at first timid about crowdsourcing a record. But the more we imagined the idea of making our own record on our own terms, and involving our fans throughout the journey—the more that trepidation morphed into excitement.

Our campaign is essentially a pre-order for the album, with a ton of fun extras and exclusive incentives for you!

And our goal here is simple: To make the best LP we can on our terms, and get it into your hands as soon as possible. Then we can all celebrate together!

There is absolutely no way we can do this without your support. So please help us bring a new album to your doorstep. We are forever grateful for your support.

Much Love,

David, Curtis, Adam, Charlie & Clay

You can donate, read more, and watch the campaign video with some of the works-in-progress new material here, and revisit the "Some Other Sky" video below. As of this post, Chamberlain have raised over $9,000 of their $15,000 goal, with 29 days to go, and the album release date is tentatively set as November 2020. Let's hope everything works out and the album does in fact see the light of day this fall!