Chamberlain started out as a post-hardcore band called Split Lip and they ended up turning into an alt-country band, and right in between all of that came their emo classic Fate's Got A Driver. The album was actually originally released in 1995 as a Split Lip album, but after they changed their name, they re-recorded the vocals and released it as a Chamberlain album, and the cleaner Chamberlain version is the one that really embodied mid '90s emo. They hadn't gone alt-country yet on this album, but they clearly wanted to polish up the Split Lip sound, and their more tuneful aspirations is what made Fate's Got A Driver such an important record to the bands who mixed emo with poppier alternative rock in the 2000s. It's a near-perfect record, and since Chamberlain made the switch to alt-country after its release, they never wrote another album like it again.

Chamberlain's classic Fate's Got A Driver turned 25 this year (that's our recent retrospective review quoted above), and today the band is celebrating the anniversary with a tribute album featuring covers by peers and artists Chamberlain influenced across the emo, post-hardcore, indie rock, and alt-country spectrum. The covers are all done in with folky singer/songwriter arrangements, and featured artists include Dashboard Confessional, Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) + Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem), Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday), Nathan Gray (Boysetsfire), Richie Birkenhead (Into Another), The Watson Twins w/ Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) & Russell Pollard (Sebadoh), Arlo McKinley, and Touch The Clouds. All the artists make the songs their own, and the whole thing is genuinely awesome.

Today is a Bandcamp Friday, and the album is out as a Bandcamnp exclusive with proceeds going to Sounds of Saving "in their efforts to address mental health issues and suicide prevention."

"To hear your music has meant so much to so many is the highest honor, let alone from some of our favorite musicians," said guitarist Adam Rubenstein. "We’re thrilled that these songs recorded so long ago have found new life, and that through music we’re able to support such an urgent and worthy cause."

Last year, Chamberlain released their first album in two decades, Red Weather, and Texas Is The Reason's Norman Brannon recently remixed one of the tracks. Chamberlain will tour North America in April 2022. Stay tuned for more on that.

Stream Fate's Got A Driver: Re-Ignition below...

1. Dashboard Confessional - “Her Side of Sundown”
2. Tim McIlarth feat. Brian Fallon - “Street Singer”
3. Touch The Clouds - “Yellow Like Gold”
4. Arlo McKinley - “Five Year Diary”
5. Adam Lazzara - “Uniontown”
6. Richie Birkenhead - "Surrendering The Ghost”
7. Nathan Gray - “Drums & Shotguns”
8. The Watson Twins w/Carl Broemel & Russell Pollard - “The Simple Life”


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