Chance the Rapper has been on Saturday Night Live more than once, but he made his debut as an SNL host tonight (11/18). In his monologue, he said "I wanna become the Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving," and then proceeded to sing a song about how Thanksgiving is a time to see all the relatives you don't really want to see. One highlight: the line where he sang "your niece is gonna cry about how nobody's woke and that's the exact time your uncle decides to Cosby joke." Watch his full monologue below.

Chance also starred in a Boyz II Men-inspired skit with Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd, where the three of them sang a song with the hook, "Come Back Barack." Watch the full skit below.

Chance, Kenan, and Chris Redd also star as an old school rap group called "Soul Crush Crew" who are not too happy with Soundcloud rapper "Lil Doo Doo" (Pete Davidson), and Questlove and Common make cameos in the skit. More HERE.

Also watch a Batman skit, a Family Feud skit, a porn pizza delivery guy skit, and a career day skit that star Chance, below.

Chance the Rapper SNL

Eminem is the musical guest on the episode. He brought out Skylar Grey for his first song, new single "Walk On Water," and he took the song into a medley that included his classic "Stan" and his Rihanna collab, "Love The Way You Lie." More on Eminem's performance HERE. (He didn't do a second performance.)

You can watch the full episode at

SNL also revealed during the commercial break that U2 will play the 12/2 episode.

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