Pacific Northwest hardcore band Change recently released their ripping new album Closer Still on React! Records, and they'll celebrate it with a virtual release show on October 8 at 6 PM ET to benefit the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, "an indigenous run non-profit focused on stopping violence against Native Women and children." But instead of playing a set ("because who wants to see a band like us play without a crowd"), they'll turn their platform over to CSVANW for an educational discussion about the issues they're working to address and why it's important. They'll also be selling a limited (90 hand numbered) edition of their album with an alternate album cover that pays tribute to Ron Brotherhood, the singer of Brotherhood who sadly passed away from cancer in 2019. "The cover art is a photo of Rich Jacobs that has been recreated by illustrator Eric Himle," the band tells us. "Rich ran Skate Edge records, who released the Brotherhood EP, and we felt the photo of him by a ramp in the 80’s wearing a YOT shirt perfectly captured the essence of a time and place."

And here's more from the band about the stream:

CSVANW has programs designed to address issues including missing and murdered indigenous women, sex trafficking, domestic abuse, sexual assault and more -- all of which are big issues that are under-reported due to systematic deficiencies in how governments and media report for Native communities.

The idea is; not only will all the money from these records go to a great cause, but people can also learn about where their money went, and it doesn't restrict people that don't even care about the band from learning about these important issues.

There’s nothing we'd rather do right now than cram into a sweaty room with a bunch of maniacs stagediving all over eachother, but if we can't do that we want to take that energy and focus it on something even more important.

The stream will go down on Deathwish Inc's website, and the album will be on sale there too. There will also be additional ways to donate, some raffles, and additional merch, with all proceeds going to CSVANW.

Stream Closer Still and check out the livestream flyer and a photo of the limited record below...


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