As Charli XCX recently discussed in an interview with Stereogum, she entered 2020 with plans to release what she calls her "most polished [...] aesthetically and possibly musically, too" album yet, but then quarantine hit and now she's been working on a more in-the-moment album, which is titled how i’m feeling now and due May 15 via Warner/Asylum. She's been emailing music back and forth with producers BJ Burton (Bon Iver, Low, etc) and A.G. Cook of PC Music, and she's also been involving fans by previewing snippets of new music online and using clips from fans in music videos, like she did in the one for first single "Forever."

In the interview, she mentioned the existence of new songs "Claws," "Enemy," "Seven Years," and "Detonate," and today "Claws" has been released. (She says she's gonna make a video for this one soon too.) "Claws" is bubblegum electro-pop at its finest, exhibiting an explosion of infectious synths and booming bass. It was made with producer Dylan Brady of 100 gecs, whose influence is immediately evident. "I like everything about you," Charli expresses repeatedly via the song’s chorus, as if speaking about a high school crush. One thing’s for sure: quarantine hasn’t stopped the British singer from churning out infectious hooks.

Here's a little more about the album, from that Stereogum interview:

The songs on this album aren’t literally about being in quarantine and being isolated, but I think the overall emotion and ethos behind this project is to really like … all of the work I’m creating, whether it be the music and the production and the artwork, it is all indicative of the time we’re in because it’s all that I can do. I’m using the only tools I have around me, the people I can reach out to. It just felt like I kind of had to. It felt like — and don’t take this out of context — for me, and the kind of artist I am, and the kind of fanbase I have, it was kind of the perfect time for me to make something that could comment on this and get everybody involved.

And as for whether or not Charli will still release the other album she had planned for this year: "Honestly it’s kind of impossible to say. The album I was making… I would like to release that at some point. But it really just depends on what feels right."

Charli continues to do her daily Instagram livestreams (at 3 PM ET), where she discusses the album, plays snippets of demos, chats with fans, and occasionally brings on a guest or two. And she's also been posting updates on the album on YouTube. You can watch a few of those -- including the latest one which features Paris Hilton, Leigh-Anne Pinnock (of Little Mix), and drag superstar Gia Gunn -- below.

Charli also plays 100 gecs’ virtual Minecraft festival this Friday (4/24) and she'll take part in PlayOn Fest on Saturday.

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