Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul have announced their debut album, Topical Dancer, which will be out March 4 via DEEWEE / Because Music. Bolis has been Charlotte's musical partner from the start, but only started appearing beside her in an official manner with this year's "Thank You" single. The album was co-written and co-produced with Soulwax at their DEEWEE Studio. As to the album title, Charlotte and Bolis say, "It's a snapshot of how we view our world in the 2020s, a glimpse into the conversations we had over tea, whilst toying around with synthesizers, drum computers and what-not at the DEEWEE studio over the past 2 years."

They continue, "Think cultural appropriation, misogyny and racism, social media vanity, post-colonialism and political correctness... But always with a wink (that we believe is welcome). And the language we use? Pop culture! So you're welcome to dance to it!" You can definitely dance to new single "Blenda," a frothy banger that opens with the line "Go back to your country where you belong" but then follows with "Siri can you tell me where I belong?"

Listen to "Blenda" below.


A2 Esperanto
A3 Blenda
A4 Hey
B1 It Hit Me
B2 Ich Mwen (with Christiane Adigéry)
B3 Reappropriate
C1 Ceci n'est pas un cliché
C2 Huile Smisse
C3 Mantra
D1 Making Sense Stop
D3 Thank You

Check out pics from Charlotte & Bolis' NYC show in February 2020:

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