Michigan emo band Charmer were forced to scrap a tour this spring due to COVID, but they did release their sophomore album, Ivy, back in April (via No Sleep), and you can stream that below.

We spoke to the band previously about life in quarantine, and had them make us a playlist, in March. Now as the end of the year nears we've reconnected to ask them about their favorite music of 2020. David Daignault, Zack Alworden, Nick Erickson, and Neil Berg each listed us their favorite releases of the year, and you can see their choices, with commentary, below.

Charmer's Favorite Music of 2020

Del Paxton - September, Bedtime, Ontario

Del Paxton continues to be Upstate New York’s best kept secret with their latest EP. Each song is composed brilliantly making this release a perfect addition to their already consistent and unique discography. - David Daignault

Dogleg - Melee

Not that this release needs anymore praise after the attention it got this year but it happened to be one of my favorites. Each song drives into the next full of melodies that will be stuck in your head for days. The best way I can describe this album is “The Pillows” on steroids. - David Daignault

Undeath - Lesions Of A Different Kind"

Top to bottom one of the best death metal albums to come out in sometime. Between the riffs and production I haven’t enjoyed a metal album this much since Spawn of Possession’s “Incurso.” - David Daignault

We Should Be Laughing - Beginner 4 Life

This record covers all the facets of power pop. It’s chock full of catchy hits that I think would appeal to a large audience. I’ve been revisiting this album almost weekly since it’s release in March and I’m still not sick of it. - Zack Alworden

Vundabar - Either Light

Vundabar’s catalog rules straight through. I’ve always been impressed with their unique approach and signature indie, pop-rock sound. I’ve been a fan of them for quite some time but I really grew to appreciate the overall light hearted feel of this release. - Zack Alworden

Powerplant - A Spine / Evidence

“People in the Sun” was my favorite record of 2019, so I was excited to hear something new from these guys. This EP rips front to back, and the full band format suits them well even though I personally miss the drum machine. - Nick Erickson

New Primals - Horse Girl Energy

I can’t think of a better noise rock release that came out this year. New Primals’ total freak energy is very welcome in a scene that is constantly rehashing the same Unsane/Jesus Lizard tropes. Excited to see where they go from here. - Nick Erickson

Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin kynsi

One of the only current heavy bands that can do psychedelia effectively and unironically. This album is totally immersive and transcendent, not for light listening. Also the release show livestream was the best I’ve seen in the pandemic so far. - Nick Erickson

The Black Dahlia Murder - Verminous

What can I say, a metal band that has stayed true to the art of being brutal, Verminous is pummeling. For somebody with bradycardia this shit will make you feel alive. - Neil Berg


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