by Bill Pearis

Chastity Belt

Seattle quartet Chastity Belt will release their second album, Time to Go Home, on March 24 via Hardly Art. Like their debut, No Regrets, they mix anger, humor and attitude with some of post-punk's more jangly influences. Electrelane is an admitted source of inspiration, and that's as good a reference point as any, though without the ethereal vocal style. No distortion, but plenty of tension, set to slow simmer. You can check out Time to Go Home's title track, which closes the album, below.

Chastity Belt (whose singer Julia Shapiro is also in Childbirth) only have one currently scheduled show -- Seattle's Tractor Tavern on January 28 where they'll open for Bass Drum of Death -- but look for them to tour late this year.

Album art, tracklist and the "Time to Go Home" song stream below...


Chastity Belt - Time to Go Home tracklist
01. Drone
02. Trapped
03. Why Try
04. Cool Slut
05. On the Floor
06. The Thing
07. Joke
08. Lydia
09. IDC
10. Time to Go Home

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