Hard-hitting, mathy NYC indie rock combo Chavez's 1995 debut album, Gone Glimmering, is getting a 35th anniversary reissue on October 23 as part of Matador Records' Revisionist History series. The album will be out on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, with the four extra tracks from Chavez's Pentagram Ring EP which have never been on vinyl before. Preorders are available, including an option with a long-sleeve tee.

“Before practice, we would meet up at Max Fish bar on Ludlow street then go to the rehearsal space," recalled Matt Sweeney in the reissue's press release. "And then we’d go back to Max Fish. This was the Gone Glimmering writing process.”

To celebrate the Gone Glimmering reissue, Sweeney and his Chavez bandmate Clay Tarver hooked up with Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis over Zoom to talk about the record and offer up a tutorial on how to play some of the song's signature riffs and "moves." You can watch that, and stream the original album, below.

Need more? The video for Gone Glimmering single "Break Up Your Band" has been newly remastered and posted to YouTube. Watch below.

In related news Sadie Dupuis will be DJing Emo Night's Harvest Moon fest tonight with Geoff Rickly and Ruston Kelly. It's free but they're also raising money for the Louisville Community Bail Fund. 8 PM - Midnight, and more info is here.


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