by Andrew Sacher

Arthur Beatrice

Arthur Beatrice, aside from being the reversed name of Beatrice Arthur, is a four-piece from London with a knack for creating infectious art pop. Like other female-fronted art pop groups who have caught our ear lately (Austra, Zola Jesus), it's tempting to compare Arthur Beatrice to Kate Bush. But while Ms. Bush's influence on modern music continues to become a common thing, Arthur Beatrice have quickly proved their ability to put a refreshing spin on the sound. Their single, "Midland," which was recently released on their own Open Assembly label, kicks off a strong foregrounded vocal melody backed by relatively tame arrangements, before escalating into a chorus of Florence and the Machine-like pop grandeur without the excess. Check out the video for "Midland" below and a remix of the track by Bwana here. Also check out a live in-studio performance of the song, "What We Hoped To Achieve," here, which rotates between dark, slow verses and upbeat disco-rock.

Arthur Beatrice's only dates scheduled at the moment are overseas, but hopefully we'll be seeing them in North America soon. All European dates are listed with the video below.

Arthur Beatrice - "Midland" Official Video

Arthur Beatrice -- 2012 Tour Dates
4/18 Trof, Fallowfield Manchester, UK
7/27-29 Midi Festival 2012 Hyeres, France