by Andrew Sacher

photo by Justin Reid Tvedt

Chicago's Melkbelly fit pretty comfortably into the current wave of bands finding new things to do with '90s-style indie rock. Speedy Ortiz and Hop Along both come to mind while listening to their killer new Bathroom at the Beach single -- they've got a similar sense of tangled discordant riffs to Speedy, and like both of those bands' singers, Miranda Winters' voice is crazy versatile. But Melkbelly are more overtly punk than both of those bands. As much she can adeptly handle the delicate parts, she can also whip out harsh screams that would go over just fine with a hardcore crowd. (Not that Hop Along haven't gone over well with hardcore crowds themselves.)

The new single follows last year's promising Pennsylvania EP, and it already feels like a noticeable step up. You can check out the video for the title track below, and if you purchase a download you get the seven-plus minute B-side "Piss Wizard." (It's worth it.) It'll be out on 7" vinyl at the end of the month.

The band is also on tour now. Check out the remaining dates on the flyer, and some live videos, below...