by Andrew Sacher

Main Attrakionz

Lo-fi rappers Main Attrakionz (aka Squadda B and Mondre) dropped a new album 808s & Dark Grapes II last week (8/16) for free on their bandcamp. It's a pretty tight collection of hazy blown out beats and laid back flow. Check out the Clams Casino-produced "Take 1" featuring ASAP Rocky, which you can grab above. Tee album art, tracklist, and a video for "Perfect Skies" are below.

Main Attrakionz will make their NYC debut on Friday (8/26) at the New Museum. Tickets are on sale now and are $2 less for New Museum members. The show will also include the premiere of a new video work by AHYVE, who is on the Main Attrakionz LP, and a DJ set by Walkmaster Flex. Ethan Swan interviewed the duo for the New Museum blog. Here's what the guys had to say about coming to New York:

What are your feelings about playing in New York for the first time?

S: Excited man, definitely a blessing.

You've collaborated with and/or shouted out some New York artists in the past, is there anyone you're looking forward to meeting in person at the show? Do you have a wish list of New Yorkers you'd like to show up?

S: No I didn't have no wish list. There's a lot of artists I do want to meet from New York, though.

M: Diddy should bring some Ciroc.

S: I do wanna meet Diddy.

M: And tell Dame Dash to stop in.

S: For sure Dame Dash! Styles P.

M: Mazaradi Fox. The whole 5 Boroughs, man.

S: Man I fuck with NY, all 5 boroughs.

M: I wanna see who got the lo-fi lab out there, recording out the closet.

Main Attrakionz will also DJ the official New Museum aferparty at Santos Party House at 10 PM with Salem (DJ) and Ghe20 Goth1k. Tickets are on sale now.

Video, album art and tracklist below...

Main Attrakionz - "Perfect Skies"

808s & Dark Grapes II

1. Bossalinis & Fooliyones pt. 2 (prod. by AHYVE) 04:30
2. Diamond of God (prod. by Squadda B) 03:23
3. Chuch (prod. by Friendzone) 03:21
4. Incredible (prod. by Marlee B) 02:13
5. Perfect Sounds (prod. by Keyboard Kid) 04:28
6. Nothin' Gonna Change (prod. by Silky Johnson) 03:42
7. Rap Junkies (prod. by Squadda B & Floyd Waybetter) 03:49
8. Vegetables (prod. by NoaBoa) 02:20
9. Take 1 feat. A$AP Rocky (prod. by Clams Casino) 04:46
10. Mondre Mo Murda (prod. by Giorgio MoMurda) [MondreM.A.N. Solo] 04:37
11. Chosen (prod. by Marlee B) [Squadda B Solo] 04:05
12. That's Life (prod. by Bux Productions) 03:42
13. Paperwork (prod. by Squadda B) 03:17
14. Perfect Skies (prod. by Friendzone) 03:05
15. Regrets (prod. by AHYVE) 03:28


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