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Though still a pretty new band, Philapdelphia punks Cheerbleeders are already making a name for themselves in their hometown. They even made the cover of the new issue of Philly music scene mag JUMP (see above). Here's an excerpt of the cover story:

Cheerbleeders is a band offering one thing: a view of girl power through punk rock. By their abrasive and unforgiving live show, it's clear this foursome means business. The attitude embodied by lead singer Summer Rice, 23, is mesmerizing both in her shrill delivery and her naughty girl aesthetic, making it difficult to peel your eyes away.

Guitarist Caitlin Walker, 20, drives the machine from behind a curtain of flowing red hair. She strives to take the typical idea of punk rock and power chords and turn it on its head with noise reminiscent of underground hardcore and the sounds that influenced early punk, both borrowing from the past and paving her own road ahead.

Drummer Mare Lemongelli, 27, is both the human beatbox and the muscle of the band, the enforcer who protects her girls. To put it simply, she'd be the one to kick your ass when you get out of line.

And that leaves us with bassist Mike Ortiz, 40, the guardian of the bunch. An older brother of sorts, he offers both songwriting prowess and a journeyman's knowledge of playing in bands. But make no mistake, he offers no restraint to the unbridled attitude that comes with three females looking to kick ass and play punk music.

Like FADER, JUMP puts an artist on both sides of the cover. As you an see above, Cheerbleeders share the honor with Philly punk veterans Pissed Jeans who they also shared a JUMP-curated bill with on March 19. That Underground Arts show, part of Red Bull Sound Select, is what brought Cheerbleeders to our attention, and what ultimately led us to book them on our own Red Bull Sound Select show that is happening this Saturday (4/11) at Court Taven in New Brunswick, NJ. This time they'll share the bill with Big Eyes and The Menzingers, who also play the similar show we're doing three days later at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn (RSVP for NJ and Brooklyn).

#cheerbleeders tore up Connie's and Summer, the lead singer, kicked some skater ass.

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On 4/18 you can also catch Cheerbleeders at Repo Records in Philly, part of the South Street record shop's Record Store Day celebration. Girlpool, Sad Actor, Easy Creatures, Gondola, The Tough Shits, and Witch Fist are also on that bill.

Pissed Jeans play two Brooklyn shows at Baby's in May.

Flyers and videos below...

Cheerbleeders - Live Oct 10th 2014


APRIl 18 -- Record Store Day in Philly
Repo Records

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