Dark Nights: Death Metal is Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's sequel to 2017's Dark Nights: Metal, a DC Comics crossover miniseries, and like its predecessor, it's getting a soundtrack, featuring an impressive cast of metal and rock musicians (The soundtrack for Dark Nights: Metal featured members of Deftones, Mastodon, Alice in Chains, Sleigh Bells, and more.)

Executive producer Tyler Bates (Guardians of the Galaxy, John Wick, the Dawn of the Dead reboot) says:

In Dark Nights: Death Metal, Loma Vista Recordings and I saw an opportunity to bring artists together to create a diverse soundtrack that is inspired directly by this incredible comic series. Our intent is not to literally create a death metal soundtrack, but instead, to illuminate the darkest corners of each character's psyche from an authentic perspective that is thematically inherent in death metal music. But a soundtrack is merely a collection of songs unless it is holistically intertwined with the story teller's original work. With the support of DC and Loma Vista Recordings, and with the help of several artists, I'm creating a short-form animatic film series derived from Greg Capullo's original artwork for Dark Nights: Death Metal. I've invited artists on the soundtrack, and pop-culture personalities alike, to voice the characters illustrated in Scott and Greg's masterful take on classic DC characters. This has possibly never been more relevant to real life than the challenging time the world is currently experiencing.

In the first video released from the comic book's accompanying short-form video series (as described in the quote above), Wonder Woman is voiced by Chelsea Wolfe and Batman is voiced by Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack. It also features percussion by former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, guitar by Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society), and Carach Angren"s "Skull with a Forked Tongue" from their recently released Franckensteina Strataemontanus. The soundtrack tracklist is still to be announced, but so far we know it includes Marilyn Manson's 2015 song "Warship My Wreck," and a new Rise Against song called "Broken Dreams, Inc." It comes out September 16 via Loma Vista.

Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath added:

Personally, being involved with this soundtrack is really fantastic. Growing up, my little brother and I would ride our bikes to the newsstand near our house and spend all our money on the latest comic books, and Batman was a favorite. Also, Zach, our guitarist, is probably the biggest comic book geek in our band. He's talked about how, along with his brother and father, they were all big DC fans - Batman, Robin, Superman, Aquaman, all the comic book series, the TV shows, and feature films. So, yes, we're all very excited about being part of this.

You can watch the newly-released first episode of the video series with the Carach Angren song, the trailer with the Manson song, and hear a clip of the new Rise Against song here:

Story by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo
Directed by Tyler Bates
Edited by Lorena Perez Batista
Batman – Andy Biersack
The Batman Who Laughs, The Joker – Charles Fleischer
Wonder Woman – Chelsea Wolfe
Score by Tyler Bates
Drums by Dave Lombardo
Guitar FX by Zakk Wylde
Mixed by Robert Carranza
“Skull with a Forked Tongue” by Carach Angren"


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