Cherry Glazerr are back with new single "Rabbit Hole," their first new music since "Call Me," their collab with Portugal. The Man. Powered by a sample of The Moderations’ "All Because Of You," this is a dancy, poppy new direction direction for the group, though Clementine's distinctive melodic style is still intact. “I feel like I’m growing into the artist that I’ve always wanted to be," Creevy says, “it feels better than anything to do what you want with your own art."

“Rabbit Hole is about clawing back my identity," Creevy says. "I often find myself acting a certain way to get someone else’s approval. Then it’s hard for me to find myself again. I have to climb my way out of that conformity and embrace myself, even if that means not everyone is going to like me. Easier said than done! But it’s what I was meditating on with this song. ‘Tried too hard not to be distasteful but it led me down a rabbit hole’ That line sums it up.”

Listen to "Rabbit Hole" below, and stay tuned for another new Cherry Glazerr single in January.