Cheval Sombre just released Time Waits for No One and he's not waiting for anyone to release his next album -- Days Go By will be out May 28 via Sonic Cathedral. Like the first, Time Waits for No One was produced by Sonic Boom and features appearances by Dean Wareham of Galaxie 500 and Luna. The two records are very much of a piece but if Time was a rumination on mortality, Days Go By has a more buoyant feel, from the breezy strings to the cover art that is similar to Time but notably lighter.

“It’s strange, this life – isn’t it? You’ve got all these songs around conceptions of time, it’s over eight years since your last album, you decide to release twin records, and their release dates somehow fall perfectly in line with the unfolding present," says Chris Porpora, Cheval's secret identity. "When folks say that the stars conspire to make things happen, I tend to believe it. Time Waits for No One is a dark record, already reminiscent of the shadowy days of winter, of the trials of the pandemic. If Days Go By can coincide with the promise of springtime, bringing with it light, lifting spirits – then I know my work has been done.”

The first single from Days Go By is "We'll It's Hard," which Cheval describes as "gentle blues" for "the sensitive souls who've got to muster all they've got to go out into it all, each day. The strings swell in the second half as an homage to folks' bravery, & also the inevitable beauty of life. Despite all our trials, light does and must break through." The video for the song was made by Lucas Moreira and Cristiana Figueiredo, which Cheval says "captures all of this thoughtfully and subtly, where despite representations of human weariness and solitude, unexpected glimpses of light flicker -- in an unexpected breeze, in the elegant choreography of nature, through visions of our humanity and music itself -- dawn comes."

The "Well It's Hard" video premieres in this post and you can watch that, and check out the tracklist and artwork, below. You can pre-order Days Go By starting March 26.

Cheval Sombre – LP1 – Slipcase v1

1. If It’s You
2. So Long for This
3. Well It’s Hard
4. He Was My Gang
5. Give Me Something
6. Are You Ready
7. Pneumonia Blues
8. Sunlight in My Room
9. Walking at Night
10. The Calfless Cow

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