In addition to being a prolific solo artist, Chicago musician Nnamdi Ogbonnaya (aka NNAMDÏ) also drums in the jazz/post-rock band Monobody, who just released their new album Comma today. Here's some background, via press release:

A band of few words, Monobody have built a dedicated international following on the sheer mastery of their craft. They are known as much for their technical virtuosity as their boundless instrumental soundscapes of jazz infused post-rock. Thematically, their third LP Comma draws its title, artwork, and song titles from the aesthetic of butterflies, with each song named after different butterfly species. Drummer NNAMDÏ and guitarist Conor Mackey teamed up to produce a video for “Cloudless Sulphur” to commemorate the Album’s release, and to capture the visual universe of the project. About the video, NNAMDI says:

“The video travels through different scenic locations in the prairies of Fort Sheridan by the Lake Michigan shoreline and Northern forest preserves of Chicago. Conor and I both filmed scenery that we were drawn to, and combined the images to portray the different locations that a butterfly might stop and rest.”

The album feels somewhere between '70s fusion, '90s Tortoise, and the current DIY scene that NNAMDÏ is part of, and it's very compelling stuff. It's busy and mathy at times, and serene and gorgeous at others, with plenty of the in-between. Listen below...