Chicago's Starless (featuring past and current members of Beak, Timeout Drawer, Our Earth Is A Tomb, and more) will put out a new album, Hope Is Leaving You, on September 10 via self-release (pre-order). It was recorded at Electrical Audio and Palisades by Sanford Parker, who also mixed it, and we're premiering lead single "Pendulum" and its video. As heavy as it is atmospheric and melodic, the song exists somewhere at the crossroads between Neurosis and Hum, and if that sounds like your kind of crossroads, you should check this out. Or, as the band puts it, "'Pendulum' grips the listener with a consternation delivered from the dreadfulness of the heavens above." Watch the video below.


1. Pendulum
2. Helvetii
3. Forest
4. All The Winter
5. Devils
6. Citizen
7. Hunting With Fire

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