The Bollweevils are back and gearing up to release Essential, their first proper full-length album since 1995's Heavyweight, on May 5 via Red Scare Industries (pre-order). For Chicago punks, these hometown heroes need no introduction, but if you're unfamiliar, they formed in 1989 and over the years they ran in the same circles (and played shows) with neighboring bands like Naked Raygun, Smoking Popes, 88 Fingers Louie, and Rise Against. They were on local comps like Achtung Chicago! Zwei and It's a Punk Thing, You Wouldn't Understand and nationally popular comps like Hopeless Records' Hopelessly Devoted to You and Liberation Records' Punk Sucks, and they had splits with bands from all over, like The Freeze, Ripcordz, and Doc Hopper. They reunited in 2006 to play the second Riot Fest, and they've continued to perform since then, including other Riot Fests, The Fests, and shows with some of those aforementioned bands--they just played with Rise Against a few weeks ago. If you're unfamiliar, but you like catchy, driving, '90s punk, this band's classic records hold up and are well worth checking out, and the new material like the Attack Scene 7" and their 2021 single "Liniment and Toni" pick up right where they left off.

Essential includes "Liniment and Tonic," as well as the brand new "Predisposition," which premieres in this post. It feels like something that could've come out in 1994, and the Bollweevils haven't lose an ounce of the urgency they had back then. The production's a little cleaned-up, but this is classic Bollweevils, and even if you haven't heard their early records, this would be a fine place to start.

"The song is questioning if we as humans have hate ingrained in our being," says singer Daryl Wilson. "I think we are blank slates that are painted by our experiences, and although we all suffer from being stained, it isn't an inevitability that we must choose to succumb to malice. When we choose the darker paths, it invariably leaves us in a desolate place. You just have to be willing to see the marks on you and then you can work to clean up the blemishes." Listen and watch the Chris Peters-directed video below.

The Bollweevils have a few more dates scheduled at the moment, including two sets at The Fest in Gainesville, Montreal's Pouzza Fest, and a hometown show in May with The Dopamines and The Reaganomics


The Bollweevils

1. Predisposition
2. Galt's Gulch
3. Disrespected Peggy Sue
4. Honesty
5. The Cutting Solution
6. Theme
7. Bottomless Pit
8. Our Glass
9. Resistance
10. Liniment And Tonic

The Bollweevils -- 2023 Tour Dates
5/20 - Montreal, QC @ Pouzza Fest
5/27 - Chicago, IL @ Chop Shop w/ The Dopamines, The Reaganomics
10/27-29 - Gainesville, FL @ The Fest (two sets)


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