Chicago punks Turnspit have been playing shows around their hometown for a few years, including Riot Fest, and gigs with Alkaline Trio, Beach Slang, Mobina Galore, Captain We're Sinking, and more. They're also very immersed in their hometown's music scene outside of this band: singer Gillian McGhee works at Cobra Lounge, bassist Bradley Davis is a stage manager at Thalia Halll, and drummer Dan Tinkler is an engineer at Atlas Studios.

They've got an aggressive, melodic approach to punk that recalls late '90s / early '00s bands like The Distillers (whose singer Brody Dalle has a similar growl to Gillian McGhee, or the other way around). If you're glad that that band is finally reunited, you'll probably dig Turnspit's music too. They're releasing their debut album, Desire Paths, on February 16 via Dodgeball Records (pre-order), and we're premiering the track "Irish Name." Here's what Gillian tells us about it:

On the surface, "Irish Name" is a song about a former love -- what excited me, what drove me insane, what worked and what I wish for that person now. But it's also a dialogue with myself about how I need to keep a better balance between the needs of a relationship and my own personal needs. I have tended to lose a little or a lot of myself in the past, and it's something I'm actively working on today. I've found that songwriting can sometimes operate like a subliminal message to yourself or a future version of yourself, and I definitely feel like I was trying to tell myself something when I wrote this song.

Listen and check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

1. Irish Name
2. Breath Taking
3. Walk Away
4. Apologies, I Have So, So Many
5. Desire Paths
6. Skin
7. Home Is Run No More
8. Given
9. Taproom
10. Midsentence
11. Invisible
12. If It Meant Heaven Was Free

Turnspit -- 2018 Tour Dates
Feb 14- DJ set by Gillian McGee on Valentine's Day
Feb. 17 at Gman Tavern with Retirement Party, Blood People, and Third Twin Sister
March 2 (acoustic set) at Blue Island Beer Company with Jaclyn Heuser and Nick Sintos