Andy Pastalaniec is a San Francisco indie scene vet, having played in Pink Films, Cruel Summer, and, currently, Seablite. He's now also making music on his own as the perfectly named Chime School, whose eponymous debut album will be out November 5 via Slumberland Records. If you're a fan of chiming, jangly indiepop made by stripey-shirt-wearing musicians wielding 12-string Rickenbackers -- from The Smiths to The Stone Roses to just about every band on Slumberland (Pains of Being Pure at Heart and The Aislers Set, to name two) -- Chime School will scratch that winsome itch.

We've got the premiere of the album's first single, "Taking Time To Tell You," which packs a lot of hooks and bah-bah-bah's into its 2:42 running time. The video, which Andy directed, is full of cats, Queen Anne's Lace and classic Bay Area architecture, and really suits the song. Watch that below.

chime school album

1. Wait Your Turn
2. Taking Time To Tell You
3. Dead Saturdays
4. Fixing Motorcycles
5. Anywhere But Here
6. Radical Leisure
7. Get A Bike
8. Gone Too Fast
9. It’s True
10. Calling In Sick

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