Canadian vegan straightedge hardcore vets Chokehold reunited back in 2015, and now they're set to release their first new album in almost 25 years. It's called With This Thread I Hold On and due April 19 via Good Fight Music (pre-order). The first single is "2.0," which proves that Chokehold haven't lost their menacing touch one bit. Talking about the song, vocalist Chris Logan says:

"2.0" is a song about the hardcore community and the use of social media to tear down like-minded individuals within it.

Hardcore was built on our collective discomfort with society, but it now seems that it's promoting more dissatisfaction among ourselves. In a way, we are losing sight of what this is supposed to be about and how we should be treating each other. Political discussion in hardcore is becoming stagnant over the fear of alienation over the difference of opinion. While the world is falling apart around us, we are happy to cut and paste and copy and share our revolution blindly because we are too busy internalizing, shaming and collecting hardcore toys. No more us versus us, it's us versus them.

Listen to the new song and check out the album tracklist below.

1. 2.0
2. Threads
3. Profit Over People
4. G.O.D
5. Silenced
6. No Shelter
7. Instilled
8. Underneath

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