Chomper is a new Brooklyn band with some familiar faces: Mark Shue (Guided by Voices, Beech Creeps), Nick Chiericozzi & Mark Perro (The Men, Dream Police), and Russell Hymowitz (Dream Police, Junk Boys). Their debut album Medicine Mountain comes out November 10 via Iron Pier (pre-order), and it was recorded to 2" tape in one day with producer Travis Harrison (who has recorded with Mark Shue in GBV and also plays with him in another Robert Pollard-fronted band, ESP Ohio). We're premiering the single "I Wanna Die," which is a dose of loose, fuzzy, Stooge-y garage rock. You can listen below.

They have a hometown release show on November 14 at Secret Project Robot. The rest of the lineup is TBD.

The band also passed along a Q&A, where they talk about the new album, which you can also check out below.

Hideout 3D
I Wanna Die
2 Feet From a Rat
Medicine Mountain
Fuzz Monster
I Wanna Live
Wipe It Down
AKA Pool Boy


How long ago did you start writing music for this project?

Mark Shue: We came up with the music very quickly, over a handful of practices in late 2015, early 2016.

Russell Hymowitz: I'm pretty sure the first jam we played at the first practice was a riff on G that became "Hideout 3D". The rest of the songs had a similar birth.

Chomper seems like such a fun and flexible project for everyone involved, was that intentional when you all got together?

Mark Shue: Yeah, we all play in different bands, and are all good friends and fans of each other's work. When we get together and play music and hang out, it's always a blast.

Russell Hymowitz: The music is loose and so is the scheduling. We're all friends and love playing music in whatever capacity.I guess that means it's intentional.

What was it like recording this debut album in one day?

Mark Shue: It was a blast. We just wanted to capture things in the moment with no time to overthink.

Mark Perro: Yea, songs are songs. It's simple, really.

Russell Hymowitz: Songs like this only need a few takes. Any more time would hurt the process.

Anything you'd like to touch on regarding lyrics/themes/etc. found on the album?

Mark Shue: Nothing means anything unless you want it to.

Russell Hymowitz: Mark Perro is aka pool boy.

What can new listeners and fans of your other bands expect from this Chomper record?

Russell Hymowitz: rocknroll guitars / minimal changes

Mark Perro: a feeling of nausea, a little discomfort, and maybe a hand on your shoulder in the middle of the night

Aside from the Brooklyn show in November, are there any other live appearances on the horizon?

Mark Perro: hopefully

Russell Hymowitz: I'm into it.