With the coronavirus outbreak causing many people to stay at home as often as possible, we’ve been asking musicians what music they’re listening to in isolation, and this playlist comes from Chris Barker (aka Chris #2) of Anti-Flag, whose new album 20/20 Vision came out in January and whose tour was cut short right before they were about to play NYC's Gramercy Theatre.

For his isolation mix, Chris picked a wide array of stuff, including their pals The Suicide Machines' great comeback single and songs by The Beach Boys, John Lennon, ELO, The Clash, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Trial By Fire, and the late Kenny Rogers, among others, and he added commentary for each song. Check out his list below...


ELO - Mr. Bluesky
Track 1. Wake up. Put this on. Wash your hands. Put actual pants on. Try our best.

The Homeless Gospel Choir - Art Punk
A song about staying home because of the impending apocalypse/your own fear of the outside. Came out last week. Is there a more apropos song for this moment?

John Lennon - Instant Karma
A reminder that now even in what can feel like the worst moments in our lives we have to be cognizant of our actions, the impact on others, and to care about more than just ourselves.

The Clash - Safe European Home
The melody in this song always makes me feel better. Shout out and solidarity to all staying inside across Europe.

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler
RIP Kenny. This is one of the first songs I ever remember hearing. It was my fathers favorite song and he played it all the time.

Suicide Machines - Awkward Always
Just all the things you want from the machines. Melody, signature ska/punk vibe, lyrically apropos for the times we’re living.

Trial By Fire - Steps of St. John’s
Ringing in the Dawn is one of my favorite albums of all time. I consistently look to it for inspiration when I feel stagnant or stuck. Every lyric is easily brought up to whatever political speed we’re at. Even in this moment, we must to put people before profit.

Ben Kweller - My Apartment
Cancel mortgages and rent for all. Stay inside. Be kind. I’m sure Ben didn’t think this song was going to be a political mantra when he wrote it.

Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
We want permanent cultural vibrations. This is just the pick me up section of the playlist.

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
This one should be pretty self explanatory.

Before you go, watch this killer live video of Anti-Flag from back in 2003:

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