Chris Carey, who played bass in Portland punk band Poison Idea as well as guitar in Religious War and thrash band Dead Conspiracy, has died.

The sad news was shared video friend and collaborator Frankie Delmane. “I am beyond devastated by this loss,” Frankie wrote on Instagram. “I am still processing this and am an emotional junkyard right now. I have no words to give other than extreme sorrow. Chris Carey was my best friend, my right hand man, the one who no matter what- always connected. We never fought, we never hated each other, we rarely disagreed. He was one of the most well loved people I have ever known, and his absence is so enormous and painful for me It’s hard for me to stop from falling apart. I simply cannot fathom a world without my brother, my best man, my partner in music and life. He meant so much to all who knew him, and meant even more to me. Missed will never be the word. And I will never recover from this. I don’t think I can. I will move on like everyone else, but with what purpose will remain to be seen in the coming months. I knew it would be difficult to write anything- and it is- but it also helps the pain a bit. No one is to blame, either. We all made every effort in every way to make sure Chris knew he was needed and wanted and loved and cherished. He really did know that. He just had demons on his back that I am afraid he could never shake. Good night sweet prince.”

In addition to Poison Idea, Dead Conspiracy and Religious War, Chris also played in Burning Leather, Deathcharge, Defiance, The Flagellans, and other groups over the years.

Ride easy, Chris.

Former Poison Idea drummer Steve “Thee Slayer Hippy” Hanford passed away in 2020.