Earlier this year, Chris Farren followed his 2019 sophomore solo album Born Hot with the jangly, synthy new song "Phantom Friend," and now he released a new two-song single featuring "FALL IN LOVE2NIGHT" backed by "Phantom Friend." Compared to the lighter "Phantom Friend," "FALL IN LOVE2NIGHT" is the kind of indie-punk rager that Chris is best known for, and it's as catchy and energetic as you'd hope. The single is out now digitally and it gets a physical release on November 20 via Polyvinyl (pre-order). Listen below.

Chris says that the song came from a batch of songs he wrote in June when he and Jeff Rosenstock challenged each other to write a bunch of songs in a month and then share them with each other. (Four of Jeff's songs from that challenge ended up on 2020 DUMP.) "Up until then, I had been sighing through my days in quarantine, waiting," Chris says. "This project, though small in scope, gave me a sense of purpose that I have more-or-less been able to carry with me the last few months.” On this new song in particular, he adds, "On its surface it’s a love song, but to me it’s about a search for community and passion in a rapidly changing world."


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