Chris Gethard has been riding high off the success of Career Suicide, which was an off-Broadway hit, then an HBO special and then a comedy album on Don Giovanni Records. One of his upcoming endeavors will be a residency at Brooklyn's Bell House in February 2018, where he'll do a live tapings of his Beautiful/Anonymous Podcast. In Chris' words, "Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People, aka Beautiful/Anonymous, is my podcast where I take random phone calls from anonymous strangers. It was featured on This American Life and people have been really digging it. Thank you to all who are supporting it so hard!" At the residency, he'll tweet out a phone number and take the first call that comes in.

The residency includes shows on February 7 (tickets), February 13 (tickets), and February 21 (tickets). All three shows are on sale now.

Listen to the latest episode of Beautiful/Anonymous below:

Chris Gethard
artwork by Earwolf

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