Chris Gethard's acclaimed off-Broadway show Career Suicide is going to be taped as a special for a "soon to be announced television network." UPDATE: It's for HBO (!!!) and will premiere May 6:

Chris wrote way more about it on Facebook and you can read that below.

There will be two tapings at Tribeca Perfroming Arts Center at BMCC on February 11 at 7 PM and 9:30 PM. Tickets are FREE. Chris can tell you a little more about it:

I am excited, scared, all the emotions that come with doing a thing that's a challenge and a step and blah blah blah.

Career Suicide has come to occupy a very special place in my life. People have been so kind about it. I think it's gotten a lot of laughs over the close to three years I've done it in some form or another. It's connected with people in a way I never anticipated. I can say with some certainty that it will be a high water mark in my career that I never get to again. I am happy with that, because I am proud of this show.

Filming it will be the way I can chronicle it for posterity. It's how most people are going to see it. The tapings, I hope, will be full of fun and life and laughter and for anyone who's had my back over the years I hope it will feel like a culmination of things that you can share in. Because a show like this can only survive when people support it. Lord knows I was scared to do it and only continued to do so because people who saw it urged me on.

You get it. It will be fun, it means a lot to me that I get to do it, and it means even more that I get to alert fans and invite them and include them in what will be a special night for me.

Chris is currently performing Career Suicide in London. Chris' Facebook post about HBO is below.

Let's go ahead and announce it officially - Career Suicide is coming to HBO this May!
That's where Carlin and Robin Williams and Chris Rock and Chappelle did stuff. And now me I guess? I am trying to fathom that and figure if I don't mention how ridiculous it is maybe they won't pull the plug before we tape this thing.
This show has really taken me on a ride I never expected. When Mike Birbiglia told me to tell the story of a time I tried to hurt myself on stage, I thought he was nuts. He said it would be hilarious, I thought it would freak people out. Turns out those things can co-exist!
A fire was really lit under me when I started performing this material. People waited for me after shows, said it reflected their experience. Or made them understand their family members better. Heard from a couple people who lost loved ones to suicide. Heard from a cop who changed his opinion on suicide crime scenes. I honestly set out to do a comedy show and that's what I think this is, but to hear all of these reactions was a type of motivation I've never felt before and doubt I'll ever feel again.
I did this thing at UCB, Union Hall, weird bars in Jersey, punk spaces all over the northeast, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Edinburgh, London, New York - and everywhere I go people have been so kind about it, so supportive of it, and I'm just hoping it translates the right way when we film it. THANK YOU to all the people who came to see this thing along the way. It's been hard to do this show at times - it's not the easiest stuff to talk about, and bombing with this material is a particular form of loneliness I've never known before and hope to never know again. BUT the thing that always made me dust myself off and get back up is you guys. Especially on the quiet nights, the people who waited to tell me to keep going - it worked, I did, and it really feels like I didn't build this thing on my own, but only lead the charge. You guys picked me up and made me get back in the ring. Thank you.
There are SO many individuals to thank, but I think I'll leave those for the credit roll for now. At this point, as we just get out of the gate, I only want to thank all the people who saw this thing and encouraged me. This HBO taping will almost certainly be the last time I do this material on stage or talk about my depression publicly - thanks again for pushing me over the finish line.
The special tapes on 2/11 in New York City. If you'll be in Manhattan that day and want to attend, you can request tickets at
It's overwhelming, daunting, and extremely flattering that I get to take this show to HBO. Thank you, a million times over, so sincerely.

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