Chris Gethard has been doing his show "Career Suicide" frequently at Union Hall over the last year. The solo show, about "suicide, alcoholism, and all the other funniest parts of life," is getting an Off Broadway run, where he'll perform it at NoHo's Lynn Redgrave Theatre from October 5 - 23 (though not every night). Tickets are on sale now.

Here's more from Chris on the show:

People have expressed to me that making comedy about depression is insensitive. I vehemently disagree. We need to start laughing about this stuff, so maybe we can finally be comfortable talking about it afterwards. I just try to make sure my jokes come from an honest place, and unfortunately for me being honest means copping to the fact that I once crashed a car on purpose.

The Off Broadway run is being "presented" by Judd Apatow who adds, "Sometimes comedy allows us to deal with stuff that we aren’t quite ready to deal with. And depression is something that people still don’t like to talk about. Luckily, Chris is a hilarious storyteller and is willing to talk about all of it, to what can only be referred to as an ill-advised degree."

You can also see Chris is Mike Birbiglia's new movie Don't Think Twice.

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