I don't know much about Chris Glover yet, but I know I'm hooked on this media player that lets you stream a couple of songs.

Chris's debut CD, Hell Isn’t Even That Funny, comes out "late April/early May" on Interscope Records. In March (starting tomorrow), you can get some Glover love from iTunes:

March 15 - Discovery Download (iTunes) will give away downloads to “Stand On Your Seat” for free
March 22 - 4-song EP exclusively available on iTunes. The EP tracks include “Stand On Your Seat”, “Pinocchio”, “Tear Stains, and “Black Lodge” for only $1.98.
March 29 - "Stand On Your Seat" video will premiere on iTunes front page, Launch.com

New Yorkers can catch Chris every Tuesday @ 8pm this month at Sin-e. The dates left are March 15, March 22, and March 29.