Drummer Chris Maggio of Wear Your Wounds and formerly of Trap Them and Coliseum (and briefly a touring member of Sleigh Bells) was recently injured in a "freak accident during a regular workout routine," and now a GoFundMe was launched to help out with his medical bills. It reads:

Recently, our good friend and professional drummer Chris Maggio lost consciousness in a freak accident during a regular workout routine, which caused him to fall, knocking his front teeth loose. Combined with complications from multiple previous dental malpractices, this creates a situation that needs to be addressed ASAP. Fixing the damage could take a year or longer, including several visits to both oral surgeons and dentists. Any help in the form of donation and/or spreading the word about this GoFundMe would be grealty appreciated - let’s get our homie’s mouth fixed up pronto.

You can see an X-ray of the damage and Chris' medical bills, as well as donate to the fund, here.

Get well soon, Chris!

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