It's not uncommon for huge comedians to pop in and play surprise sets at New York comedy clubs. But for five of the biggest names in the biz to all show up at the same time, well that's something else. As Gothamist points out, Chris Rock showed up at Greenwich Village club The Comedy Cellar to test out material for his upcoming "Total Blackout" tour and brought with him Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell and Ryan Hamilton as well. Jon Laster, who hosted last night, wrote this:

Tonight I was humbled and blessed to have been a part of the greatest show EVER in the history of the Comedy Cellar and maybe comedy period! We were sitting on the steps when Dave Chappelle told the manager that he didn't wanna go on he just wanted to watch Jerry Seinfeld go on and then he was leaving. He quickly changed his mind and decided to go up. He and Chris Rock then went back and forth about who would be next. Amy Schumer overheard them and asked if she could do five minutes also to be a part of this 'history.' I forgot that Aziz was somewhere outside and needed to go on as well. Felt kinda surreal working with my idols. The Birds, Jordans, LeBrons all in this little hallway but I honestly didn't feel intimidated I felt like I belonged at least like my work did. I started to excuse myself from this picture and Amy pulled me back into it and said 'fuck that get in the picture you were a part of this!' Thank you soooooo much Estee!! The Lineup:
Host: Me
Ryan Hamilton
Dave Attell
Jerry Seinfeld
Amy Schumer
Chris Rock
Aziz Ansari
Dave Chappelle

Were you there? Were you really?

Chris Rock's two "Total Blackout" shows at NJ's Borgata Center are sold out. Aziz is hosting SNL next week. A few more Instagrams below.

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