SPOILER ALERT! This post is about the 4/28 episode of Game of Thrones and if you haven't watched yet... why did you click on this? Anway, you are warned.

In the non-stop pitch-black mayhem that was last night's episode of Game of Thrones ("The Long Night"), you may have missed a cameo from country singer Chris Stapleton. We did. Rolling Stone points out that Chris, his bass player J.T. Cure and their tour manager, played some of the many fallen Winterfell soldiers that the Night King turned into his zombie White Walkers at the Battle of Winterfell. “I was like, you know, I would gladly fly to wherever in the world just to be a small part and get to watch that show going down,” Stapleton told Rolling Stone. “They were gracious enough to let me come participate that way.” It's a very brief scene in the final cut. “They knew we weren’t actors,” he added. “So the direction was basically, we’re going to place you, and when we tell you to, open your eyes. And they trained us on how White Walkers are supposed to stand up and move when they’re first waking up. We had a crash course in that.” You can watch a clip of that that Chris' wife, Morgane, posted on instagram with a helpful freeze frame, below.

Chris is just the latest musician to cameo on the show, a list that includes members of Mastodon, Sigur Ros, Coldplay and, uh, Ed Sheeran. Last night's episode also featured some stirring new music from series composer Ramin Djawadi.

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