"'The excitement for Christina is similar to what I saw with Norah Jones,' says Brice Rosembloom, who cooked both women for residencies at Makor, 'The difference is that with Norah, it took a push from the industry to get things going. With Christina, the buzz is purely audience driven.'"

"Courtin’s bold, busy voice touches on both Janis Joplin and Antony, and her songs have an immediately classic feel—like Norah Jones, with more brawn." [Time Out]

Everyone keeps telling me I have to see Christina Courtin perform. And over the past few months I've made numerous attempts to see her at NYC places like Joe's Pub, Rockwood Music Hall and Mo Pitkins, but It never worked out. So thankfully she just put the above video on YouTube to hold me over for a bit. Is Christina the "next Norah Jones"? Better? I think at least definitely more interesting. I hope to find out for myself when she plays Merkin Concert Hall with Bell Orchestre.

Hey, that drummer (mathias kunzli) looks familiar.