Well the premiere of Twin Peaks: The Return just happened and -- mild Spoiler Alert -- Chromatics appeared in it. (We knew they were going to be in an episode, but not when.) They played "Shadow" (a song that came out in 2015) at the Roadhouse. You'll probably want to watch that as part of the episode (which was good I thought), but the band have released a music video for the song, clearly inspired by Twin Peaks, with the band playing against a red curtain backdrop. You can watch that below. Chromatics played Friday's premiere party in Los Angeles too.

More (mild) spoiler alerts: You can also watch the new opening credit sequence for the show, that uses Angelo Badalamenti's famous theme music but ditches the iconic shots of the sawmill and birds for something very different...but cool. Different but cool is probably a good way to describe the new Twin Peaks series as well. Watch the opening credits below.


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