Last year, Chromatics still hadn't released their long-awaited new album Dear Tommy but they did release the great Closer to Grey. If you figured maybe Dear Tommy had just been scrapped, it looks like you figured wrong! Today, they revealed the artwork and 18-song tracklist for the album (which is slightly different than the one they revealed in 2016) and released a new single, "Teacher," which is set to appear on the album. The album is also set to feature the previously released singles "Just Like You" (2015), "Dear Tommy" (2016), and "Time Rider" (2019), but not the two singles they put out earlier this year ("Famous Monsters" and "Toy").

Watch the video for "Teacher" and check out the new tracklist, album artwork, and a message from Johnny Jewel, below.


01 Fresh Blood
02 Glitter
03 Never Tell
04 Just Like You
05 She Says
06 The Moment
07 Time Rider
08 White Fences
09 Teacher
10 Between the Lines
11 Too Late
12 Dear Tommy
13 Melodrama
14 Ultra Vivid
15 Colorblind
16 Sometimes
17 Dream Sequence
18 Endless Sleep

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