Chrysta Bell just released her second record with David Lynch, titled Somewhere In The Nowhere. Like her 2011 debut, The Train, Lynch produced this new five-song EP and co-wrote some of it as well. It's the kind of music you might imagine in a Lynch film: dark, twangy, lonesome. You can check out the whole new EP, as well as a video for "Night Ride," below. She's also got a new LP due out in 2017 that was produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey), and features contributions from Adrian Utley of Portishead, keyboardist Geoff Downes of Asia and Yes, and drone metal guitarist Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O)))).

Chrysta just played Lynch's Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles last weekend, and will be in NYC this weekend for a show at East Village club Berlin on Saturday, October 15 which is being billed as "David Lynch Presents Chrysta Bell : Somewhere in the Nowhere." Vanessa Bley is also on the bill and tickets are on sale now.

Chrysta will also appear in the new episodes of Twin Peaks (one of many musicians on the show). She's got European tour dates as well -- all are listed below.

Chrysta Bell - 2016 Tour Dates

October 15
New York City, NY

October 21
Antwerp, Belgium
Theaterstudio [as part of Autumn Falls Festival]

October 23
Naples, Italy
Made in Cloister

October 26-27
Bucharest, Romania
Control Club

October 29
Vilnius, Lithuania

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