Anarcho-punk turned alternative dance band Chumbawamba (who scored a fluke hit 15 years into their career with "Tubthumping") broke up in 2012, but as NME points out, former frontman Dunstan Bruce revealed on the Can I Ask You A Personal Question? podcast that he "just finished" a documentary on the band. He said it was five years in the making, and that he made it with co-director Sophie Robinson of so&so pictures. As for when it will be out: "sometime this year."

Dunstan also spoke about other film work he's done, including a recent Sham 69 documentary. He spoke about some of Chumbawamba's early influences, like The Fall, Wire, Crass, and Gang of Four, and his "absolute hero" Patti Smith. When asked if it bothers him that they're mainly known for "Tubthumping," he said, "That doesn't bother me in the slightest. Most people are no hit wonders, aren't they?"

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