Chvrches took to twitter on Thursday (4/25) to criticize Marshmello for collaborating with Chris Brown and Tyga, both of whom have been accused of assault and abusive behavior. Their comments ignited a strong reaction from Chris Brown, in particular, who commented on an unrelated Instagram post from Chvrches. "BUNCH OF LOSERS," he wrote. "These are the type of people I wish walked in front of a speeding bus full of mental patients. Keep groveling over you own insecurities and hatred. IM BLACK AND PROUD. AND I KNOW ITS HURTS THAT U GUYS ARE STRUGGLING WIT LIFE OR PEACE SO U ARE FORCED TO SEE MY SUCCESS. You aren't even #2 (REMEMBER 2nd place only means YOU LOST FIRST! TA-TA. GOODDAY PEASANTS." Tyga also replied to the original post, writing, "where [sic] all God’s children. Everyone makes mistakes no ones perfect. Let’s Keep the energy positive."

Chvrches vocalist Lauren Mayberry shared responses she says she's received in a series of posts to her personal Instagram account. Speaking during the band's set at Fortress Festival on Saturday (4/27), she also said the band have gotten death threats since their initial message to Marshmello. "We weren't picking on Chris Brown for the sake of picking on Chris Brown," she said. "It was a morally dubious decision that happened, but ... we would be really hypocritical if we worked with somebody and didn't say anything about what they did immediately after that fact, when we give money from our headlining shows to girls rock camps, and when I'm a patron of Rape Crisis Scotland. You can't do I'm gonna have to invest in some fucking bulletproof tutus, because apparently that does not go down well with the Breezy fans ... we were like, 'maybe don't promote serial convicted violence to kids, to young people,' and then they were like 'you know what we're gonna do? We're gonna rape you and shoot you.' You kind of proved the point." Watch a video of her speech via TMZ.

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