Caetano Veloso

Pitchfork: One of my favorites along those lines is Caetano's 1971 album when he was in exile in London. He's all bundled up in that huge fleece parka on the cover and his face has this unbelievable sadness. It's only 35 minutes long but it lingers every time I play it. I'm haunted by a line like "In the hot sun of a Christmas day."

Devendra Banhart: I've been thinking about that line all day. Oh man. What's funny is I'm sick right now because I recently spent a day in the rain and the cold in London shooting a music video with Cibelle, this Brazilian contemporary artist, for her version of [Veloso's] "London, London" [on her just released, The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves]. I sang it with her. Anyway, it's a short but fucking epic album.


Tickets are on sale for Cibelle's Mercury Lounge & Ohio shows.

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