Scottish musician Gordon Sharp has led goth/experimental group Cindytalk in various forms since 1982. In addition to Cindytalk records like 1988's In This World and 2011's Hold Everything Dear, Sharp may be best known for vocal contributions to iconic 4AD project This Mortal Coil's Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust EP and their It'll End in Tears album, and he contributed to early Cocteau Twins recordings as well. The most recent Cindytalk record is 2016's The Labrynth of the Straight Line. You can listen to some Cindytalk and This Mortal Coil songs below.

Cindytalk will be making a couple rare U.S. performances this month, both of which are special nights presented by label HELIC.AL: May 24 at Knockdown Center in NYC, and May 28 at Red Door Digital in Detroit. Both shows also feature performances by fellow post-punk vet Eric Random, who has recorded with Cabaret Voitaire and Nico, and was a member of Tiller Boys with Pete Shelley of Buzzcocks. Minimal Wave artist Das Ding is also on the lineups and tickets for both shows are on sale now. Flyers are below.



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