Cinemartyr formed in Ireland but are now based in Brooklyn, and they're gearing up to release their new album OPT OUT on June 3 via Light Sleeper Records (pre-order). They cite influences as widespread as Fugazi, The Mars Volta, Rihanna, and Ryuichi Sakamoto, and on new single "Delete Yourself," they offer up an in-your-face fusion of post-punk and post-hardcore, led by the soaring, wavering, piercing vocals of Amber Moon Voltson. Founder/guitarist Shane Harrington tells us:

The emphasis is always centered on the notion of waking the fuck up. Widening your eyes and breathing. Being here and being open. All of which seems to be harder and harder to do in today's accelerating, mass-social-media world. Delete Yourself is one of ten anti-anaesthetic songs from our upcoming album OPT OUT. "Delete Yourself" was the first song written for the album and I wanted it to sound something like how Francis Bacon's paintings make me feel - dark and angular, but hopefully containing a hidden beauty also. Ideally it's a song that might help you get out of bed, or a depression stupor and remind you of the existence of your body and self. Disco for bad vibes? Maybe. I can't control that, but I do hope it helps someone out or make them feel something beyond the mundanity of the common anesthetic. The video was shot in two parts over last summer. First in The Bronx and then a few weeks ago in midtown. Hopefully it captures what the lyrics and sounds are pointing at.

Check out the video for the new song below. The band also have an upcoming hometown show on May 27 at Lucky 13.



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