After having to reschedule multiple times due to both lockdown and frontman Keith Morris testing positive for Covid, Circle Jerks' 40th anniversary tour finally hit NYC last week for two shows at Irving Plaza on Thursday (7/7) and Friday (7/8). They played the same set both nights, which included classics like "Coup D'Etat," "Live Fast Die Young," "World Up My Ass," "Beverly Hills," "Wasted," "Question Authority," "When the Shit Hits the Fan," "I Just Want Some Skank," their cover of The Soft Boys' "I Wanna Destroy You" and lots more.

The shows were nights of classic punk all around with 7Seconds and Negative Approach also on the bill. Check out photos from Friday night by P Squared, plus Circle Jerks and 7Seconds' setlists and video, below.

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SETLIST: Circle Jerks @ Irving Plaza 7/8/2022
Deny Everything
In Your Eyes
Stars and Stripes
Back Against the Wall
Behind the Door
I Just Want Some Skank
Beverly Hills
When the Shit Hits the Fan
Under the Gun
Coup d'état
Wild in the Streets
Moral Majority
Don't Care
Live Fast Die Young
Paid Vacation
Junk Mail
Parade of the Horribles
Casualty Vampire
I, I & I
Leave Me Alone
I Don't
The Crowd
Beat Me Senseless
World Up My Ass
High Price on Our Heads
Red Tape

I Wanna Destroy You
What's Your Problem
Question Authority

SETLIST: 7Seconds @ Irving Plaza 7/8/2022
Here's Your Warning
Definite Choice
Not Just Boys Fun
This Is the Angry Part 2
New Wind
We're Gonna Fight
Tied Up in Rhythm
Sooner Or Later
Still Believe
Somebody Help Me Scream
Regress No Way
Leave a Light On
Here We Go Again, Kids
The Crew
Remains to Be Seen
Walk Together, Rock Together
Young 'Til I Die
99 Red Balloons

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